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The ability to convey ideas through words has been central to the evolution of architecture and design for centuries. Now, in the most interdependent, globalized, competitive era of human history, it is more important than ever for designers to capture the essence of their craft, their vision, or their portfolio in a perfect, precise, powerful language.

With deep knowledge and experience of architectural writing, derived from delivering more than 1000 articles for the world’s most visited architecture website, I offer a proofreading, editing, and writing service for architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, and creative designers of any kind. My mission is to help you tell the story of your ideas, and to ensure that your best work is accompanied by a written counterpart that speaks to it, with it, and for it.

Niall has the great ability to simplify any complex text and present it in a way that’s more appealing and easier to comprehend for a targeted audience. His architectural background enabled him to easily portray our projects in the best light, emphasising the important facts whilst keeping a consistent voice. He proved to be very efficient and organised and we are very pleased with the outcome.

McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects

My services apply to a broad range of digital and print-based texts, including:

  • Award submissions
  • Blog posts
  • Book publications
  • Case studies
  • Client brochures
  • Competition submissions
  • E-books
  • Feasibility submissions
  • Job advertisements
  • Journal submissions
  • Marketing brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Planning and bid submissions
  • Press releases
  • Project descriptions
  • Website “about” pages
  • Website project descriptions

Niall is an expert at turning information into useful copy. He has a great market awareness, is highly efficient and very organised.

AQSO arquitectos office

My work as a writer is informed by my work as a practitioner. Having graduated with a Masters in Architecture (Distinction) from Queen’s University Belfast, a leading school in the United Kingdom, I work as an architectural designer in the Dublin office of BDP (Building Design Partnership), one of the largest design firms in Europe. Combined with my experience at the award-winning London firm Architecture Initiative, I have engaged with the design process at all scales.

My dual role as a designer and writer is my greatest asset. Combining the architect’s eye and the writer’s hand, I ensure that every project is accompanied by written text worthy of its creative merit.

We worked with Niall to create our first version of ArchDaily’s Annual report and the experience was amazing. Niall is very proactive, he complied with every deadline and the work delivered was according to every expectation we had, the quality of his writing is excellent and he not only did a proofreading job, but much more, we discussed every chapter together, which speaks of his great interest in delivering a great outcome, we would definitely have him back for any other project.


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